The Artist

At school Clive was always drawing racing cars. His natural artistic, energetic and often colourful unique approach to drawing, painting and photography has progressed across various creative genres. Clive has no formal computer or digital art training but his college studies in Industrial Design at both Colchester Institute and Bournemouth College of Art & Design installed an eagerness to keep learning and developing new creative techniques and skills based on his love for motorsport.

Clive has shown an eye for capturing different angles of various motorsport’s, a commitment to try something new and overall an excitement for combining his artistic talents and his motorsport hobby. Working as a full time website developer Clive feels it’s time to share his creative journey through the pages of this own website. Clive believes technology is a wonderful media to work with, the wealth of artistic opportunities within Photoshop and Illustrator are endless.

“Never be afraid to experiment behind the lens. It’s not about winning any award, it’s about learning, challenge yourself to improve, experiment and regularly push your abilities to the limit.”

Getting better by staying inspired!