Digital Art

What is Digital Art?

Digital art is like any other form of art the final creation is from the unique imagination of the artist, the process is the same just the tools are very different to traditional art. My essential tools are a DSLR digital camera, multi-media laptop and Adobe editing software, Photoshop & Illustrator. I also find using a Wacom graphics drawing tablet gives superior control over the mouse whilst editing. Access to a hi-resolution digital scanner can also prove very useful at times.

Anyone is capable of creating digital art there are no boundaries or limits to what can be achieved given the patience to learn and the time to practice the techniques. I am self taught and regularly surf the internet for fresh tutorials to improve and learn different techniques to develop my creativity.

GridArt Motorsport Artist
GridArt Motorsport Digital Art & Photography

Photography is a art form in it’s own right, a computer is just a tool which allows the artist to bring together images, textures, colours, drawn elements, compositions and text to apply effects to and merge together thousands of pixels to create art with their own individual expression. Clive’s GridArt portfolio reflects his own personal interest in motorsport and automotive digital art in his own very unique style.

Some traditional artists and motorsport photographers view digital art as inferior to their hand drawn, painted creations or ‘through the lens’ images. Clive started using just ink pens to illustrate race cars then progressed to painting with water colours. The process is the same whether you have paint and brushes or a graphics tablet and screen full of colour pixels. Digital art is just another extension to the life long creative journey.